Welcome to Grounded Health

I am Emma Downing, Systematic Kinesiology and Reiki Practitioner and founder of Grounded Health. Clients come to me for all sorts of reasons from gut health issues, anxiety , skin ailments, long covid, emotional issues – in fact any variety of things.
My passion is helping my clients get back to a more grounded, nurtured space for their bodies and minds. I believe that we all deserve to feel more balanced and it is my honour to help clients achieve that.

If you are in need of some nourishing treatments and would like to find out more, please take a look around the website or contact me directly.

Welcome to Grounded Health



Eve Dorbin

“Emma’s kindness is the foundation of her work. Her approach is well-considered and she was great at putting me at ease before what was, to me, a completely new experience. She is empathetic and thoughtful – her suggestions for improvement in symptoms through nutrition are realistic and have been really beneficial. I always leave Emma’s lovely treatment rooms feeling calmer and lighter. Thank you, Emma!”

Lindsey Vanstone

“I first met with Emma in 2021 for my first experience of Kinesiology. Emma explained in very helpful terms how Kinesiology would be able to help, and very clearly outlined what the process and procedure would be. The environment was extremely relaxing and through Emma’s calm and effective approach my symptoms started to disappear. She has the most amazing hands!! The information on nutrition was clear and precise, and the nutrition easy to obtain. My symptoms were quickly resolved and having stuck to the nutrition guidelines that Emma outlined, they have not returned. I would definitely recommend Emma at Grounded Health!”

Emma Osborn

“Emma was extremely kind and considerate. She was a great listener and made me feel extremely at ease throughout the whole consultation. I would highly recommend Emma. She greatly helped me with with both my physical and mental well-being. Thank you Emma.”