Frequently Asked Questions

I have tried to answer most of the commonly asked questions here. If you need more information please do contact me directly and I will be happy to answer your query.

I have clinics throughout the week and evenings. Please contact me via email for availability and to have an initial conversation about your needs. 

During appointments you remain fully clothed. If possible please wear trousers or leggings so that you are comfortable.

How many appointments you feel you need will very much depend on what you are coming for. I recommend that clients initially have at least 3 sessions.  Please allow 2 hours for your first session with me.

Please fill these two forms in before you arrive and bring with you  – New Client form  and the Covid Declaration form.


In addition , if the appointment is for a minor , please also fill in the Child Declaration form

Please bring these forms with you to your first appointment.

Some clients can feel relaxed and calm after a treatment or may feel completely energised and freer. Some may feel a slight headache or need to go to the loo. All of these responses are completely normal and is all part of your body processing and healing. I do recommend that you don’t have too many big plans after a treatment to give yourself time to drop into feeling more balanced.

Yes absolutely. Kinesiology is completely safe to have whilst pregnant as long as you are  comfortable lying on your back for a period of time. Reiki is not advisable in the first 3 months of pregnancy and it is advisable to receive GP consent before booking a treatment. Please contact me and I can provide a draft letter for you to give to your GP.
Absolutely yes. As long as you feel comfortable being at the appointment for an hour or so. Surrogates can also be used for Kinesiology appointments if you feel that you may not be able to cope with the muscle testing. In some cases , Reiki is not advised or may need GP consent.  Please speak to me before you make an appointment so that all your needs can be accommodated in this regard.
No,  you can have a Kinesiology or Reiki treatment at any age.
For younger children, yes. I find that once they are older teenagers , and with your consent, they are happy to have the sessions with me one on one. You are welcome to stay for appointments at any time.
Please make sure you fill in the Child Declaration Form before you come and bring to the first session.

If you need to cancel your appointment, 48 hours notice is required, if you cancel less than 48 hours a 50% cancellation charge will apply.